Cava and its surroundings

Staying at Casa Lamberti B&B means being close to the main tourist destinations of our region. Don't miss the opportunity to visit them! Indeed, we are only…

… 3 km from the historic center of Cava de' Tirreni.

Since the 18th century, our town has attracted foreign travelers on the Grand Tour who described and painted Cava in their works. The historic center is characterized by arcades and is a unique example in all of southern Italy of a porticoed village. Going up to the castle of Sant'Adiutore, located on a hill, it is possible to admire all the beauty of the Metelliana Valley. Do not miss a visit to the millenary Benedictine Abbey of the Holy Trinity with its Romanesque cloister and its precious library.

… 8 km from Salerno

Arriving in Salerno, one immediately has the perception of a modern city lying on the sea with its lively nightlife. However, entering the historic center you can perceive its ancient history. Going along the picturesque Via dei Mercanti, you then reach the Cathedral, built around the year 1000, with its Cloister and Baroque Crypt. In a higher position there is an exceptional botanical garden, the Giardino della Minerva, which belonged to the ancient Medical School of Salerno. The Arechi Castle dominates the city, originally built by the Byzantines, where it is possible to visit the museum and participate in organized events.

… 5 km from Vietri sul Mare, gateway to the Amalfi Coast

Renowned throughout the world for its artistic ceramics, Vietri sul Mare is a seaside village along with the others that follow one another on the suggestive Amalfi state road.

… 45 km from Paestum

Ancient Poseidonia, a UNESCO heritage site, is among the earliest evidence of Magna Graecia In southern Italy: within its park the remains of three temples, the Forum, the Greek Agora and the Amphitheater are clearly visible, still only partially dug. Near the site, the finds are placed inside the National Archaeological Museum, which houses, among other things, the famous Tomb of the Diver.

… 45 km from Vesuvius, 35 km from Ercolano, 20 km from Pompeii

Vesuvius, the only active volcano in Continental Europe, is a destination for both volcanology enthusiasts and trekking and hiking enthusiasts, being located within a suggestive National Park.
At its eruption of '79 AD. the stories of the ancient cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii are reconnected. Entirely buried under meters and meters of volcanic material and extraordinarily preserved, the visitor will take a real dive into the past.

… 40 km from Napoli

In the historic center of Naples, a UNESCO heritage site, the ancient Greek Neapolis and the modern metropolis coexist. The Neapolitan city is home to the sacred and the profane: here the devotion to San Gennaro joins that for Maradona, in its lively alleys, among the thousand artisan shops, you can smell the heady scents of the gastronomic specialties and listen to the musicality of the dialect. Monuments and places of interest are in every corner of the city: it is impossible to enumerate them all!
An important place in the heart of the Neapolitans and it is not the sea. Walking along its promenade, you can enjoy a 360° panorama and glimpse the romantic islands of the gulf.

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